Bromford wins...again

Bromford Industries wins Pattonair Supplier Award for the fifth time

Recognition and appreciation of suppliers is often overlooked or totally missing from many businesses’ strategies and objectives. Giving suppliers recognition for their input in businesses seems to be far from a priority for many organisations. But why is the identification of suppliers’ exceptional contributions and capabilities so important? Even more, why is it in companies’ best interests to realise the importance of rewarding supplier accomplishments?

The answer is - because rewarding suppliers for outstanding performance motivates further quality and encourages suppliers to strive for excellence in their products, service levels, and operations. With material costs and availability a continuing challenge for manufacturers, having a supplier you can count on to come through - even when conditions are at their toughest - can make all the difference in the world.

Bromford Industries have had some hard times in the past. However, success can be measured when you bounce back from difficult situations. In Bromford’s case, our success is definitely noticed by our customers. Their support and acknowledgement of the improvements made, motivates Bromford Industries to work harder and strive to achieve 100% quality and 100% delivery every month. What is more, we have managed to adopt a 100% goal-setting mind-set throughout our organisation.

All of the hard work has paid off for Bromford. In 2017, at the Pattonair Global Supplier Conference in Dallas Fort Worth, Bromford Industries Leicester was presented with the Best Performing Supplier Award. This is the fifth Pattonair Award that Bromford has received in the past seven years. The Leicester team’s effort, focus and hard work were recognised with 100% delivery and 100% quality, demonstrating that with the right mind-set and application, it has become the norm year after year.

Bromford Industries’ Managing Director, Ben Hambleton, commented on the event: “It was a proud moment for our organisation because it means that the customer recognises the performance and accomplishments of everyone at our site in Leicester. At the ceremony, there were lots of different suppliers and lots of our competitors as well. Clearly, the message that Pattonair want to convey is that 100% is possible. Winning the awards demonstrates that we can maintain our performance levels and we have the right mind-set. Nothing other than 100% is good enough for Bromford Industries Leicester and all of the small efforts and sacrifices make it possible. We are planning to maintain the 100% performance with even more hard work, focus, communication at all levels and appreciation of our relationships with customers.” 

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