Daily Management at Bromford Industries

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The defined, controlled and standardised management of departments, functions and processes is vital not only for manufacturers but also for every business. It gives structure and defines roles and responsibilities within organisations. To manage these circumstances, defined and controlled management should be incorporated as a daily process. This is a continuous process that helps organisations understand their current position, issues and opportunities. A key benefit is the fact that team members have the opportunity to voice their opinions, recommendations and concerns during this process and supports the internal communication of the businesses.

In manufacturing, the integration of a daily management process gives companies flexibility. According to our Marketing research, customers perceive flexibility as one of the most valued assets that a manufacturer can possess due to the choice of different characteristics, capabilities and qualities offered. Moreover, daily management helps with tracking the set KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and immediately identifying problem areas.

Here at Bromford, we have developed a substantial understanding of the importance of daily management and we are constantly working on improving internal communication. Taking that in consideration, we integrated our own daily management process that is tailored to our own KPIs and is based on The Production System philosophy. The Production System philosophy embodies a manufacturing culture of continuous improvement, based on setting standards aimed at eliminating waste through participation of all employees. The goal of the system is to reduce the timeline from the time an order is received until the time it is delivered to the actual customer. So, based on that, we came up with our SQDWPE.

Daily management board, Bromford Industries, KPI review

SQDWPE is a methodology to achieve daily accountability on the shop floor and across all functional areas. It reinforces the daily management system’s focus on process, and through it, we are able to identify opportunities for improvement. The process works on the basis of brief interlocking morning meetings to review visuals, assign actions for improvement and follow up on previous assignments. The daily meetings review our KPIs that are important to customers, employees and stakeholders’ satisfaction. From this comes the abbreviation SQDWPE which stands for Safety, Quality, Delivery, Waste, Productivity and Employees. This combination of KPIs covers both internal and external elements and allows us to understand the “big picture” on a daily basis. Furthermore, with the 6th letter E for Employees, we support employee engagement and give our people the chance to share their opinions and queries.

At Bromford Birmingham site we have 3 value streams – Aero & IGT, Aircraft Engines and Landing Systems – that are now live functional SQDWPE boards and are reviewed every morning. These 3 boards form a main plant board that combines all the data together for monitoring the overall performance. This process is replicated across Bromford’s sites in Birmingham and Leicester. As Mark Twain said: “Continuous improvement is better than a delayed perfection”, Bromford Industries have seen significant benefit from the integration of SQDWPE boards. Improvement opportunities are identified every day, everyone contributes and daily expectations are clarified regularly. This enables Bromford to respond quickly and to align operations with our business strategy.

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