Bromford Industries acquires Firthstones Ltd.

Bromford Industries is pleased to announce, that its Firthstones facility, Coventry has successfully achieved AS9100 Revision C Certification. The certification is a result of more than 6 months activity by the Firthstones Quality & Operational Team, ably supported by the wider Bromford Quality Team, TEC Transnational and NQA. This certification, along with the other quality credentials of Bromford Industries, sets the perfect platform for Bromford Industries to continue with its future growth & development plans, across all of its sites. 

AS9100 Revision C certification is a testimony to Bromford Industries’ commitment to becoming a fully ‘process driven’ organisation, its customer base, the wider aerospace industry and quality in general. This Certification will enhance the internal quality standards, at both the Firthstones, Coventry site and all other Bromford locations. Bromford Industries are passionate about uality, which is upheld through the operation of a fully integrated, proprietary quality system, in addition to working to wide ranging, demanding and bespoke OEM quality standards. 

Since its creation, Bromford Industries has become more than a manufacturer of precision components, as it specialises more in engineering solutions, aimed at delivering a competitive advantage to its customers, be it machined parts, fabricated components or the supply of complete assemblies, for Production or Aftermarket applications. Bromford Industries has embraced new owners, a new name, new capital equipment, new methods, new products and ultimately new customers. Our aim is to deliver customer focused solutions with pride, pace and passion. AS9100 Revision C is the next step towards completing the transition from a Midlands Based Machining Group to a globally recognised, precision engineering service provider. 

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